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Art at The Bay

The Bay’s Art curriculum endeavours to inspire pupils, sparking a love of Art and creativity. Both skills and knowledge are a focus throughout units of work, which are completed each year. In each year group, pupils will have the opportunity to revisit and build upon skills that they have previously learnt and also to learn new skills. Art is delivered for an entire term for a minimum of two lessons a week e.g. Year 4 study their Art topic from September through to the Christmas holidays. Through our Art topics, we aim to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills required to not only create their own pieces of artwork, but also to experiment with different mediums and techniques.


Art is creative and explorative. Through our Art curriculum, we: provide pupils with countless opportunities to explore with different media; create their own pieces of artwork; critique and evaluate their own work and the work of artists; and to develop their skill set. Art is a subject which is accessible to all, no matter your academic ability. At The Bay, we ensure that our Art curriculum is inclusive and inspiring. We aim to develop and monitor children’s artistic skills through the use of specifically created skills progression documents.


On our Primary site, Art is delivered through our Learning Experience units, which are taught at minimum two afternoons per week. Pupils are encouraged to make links across the curriculum also, e.g. discussing artworks in a History lesson. Before leaving Key Stage 1, pupils will have the opportunity to explore colour by creating collections of colour, experimenting with colour mixing and beginning to explore tone by exploring what happens when they add white to a colour. Children will also have been given opportunities to develop their skill and control when working with tools (paintbrushes etc) and will have explored creating 3D models from a variety of materials.

As they move into Key Stage 2, we are preparing our pupils for the Arts education they receive on our Secondary site. Here it is key that pupils develop their oracy within Art. By allowing pupils the time to discuss the artwork of others, we are enabling them the opportunity to explore what they, as an artist, like and dislike. We also encourage children to evaluate their own work and record this within their sketchbook. By using sketchbooks across Key Stage 2, we allow pupils to create a ‘journal’ of their artist exploration and a record of how their skills have developed.


The impact of our Art curriculum will be evidenced through pupil outcomes and pupil enjoyment. Our pupils will be assessed against the skills which they have been taught in each unit of learning, which is then recorded in our Learning Experience assessment overview. We believe that good pupil outcomes are measured in how well equipped pupils are with the key skills and knowledge of the formal elements of Art, in addition to their ability to discuss and critique artworks.

What pupils say about Art at The Bay:

“I think that it’s fun because we do different stuff and we use pastels, chalk and more.” 

“It is great as they provide you with different supplies and different activities.” 

“It’s fun and I wish we could do even more.” 

“It is fun and I think you can get really creative with it.” 

“Art is a creative subject that everybody enjoys and it makes you feel creative and it calms you down and it’s a wonderful discovery.”

Curriculum information

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