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Computing at The Bay

At The Bay, computing forms part of the work we do in every subject, both in school and through home learning. We are a ‘Google School’ so all children in Key Stage 2 have their own Google account with access to the Google tools and Google classroom. This is used to ensure blended learning can take place. See-Saw and Tapestry are used in Key Stage 1 to ensure all children have access to home learning on a platform that is appropriate to their age.

As a school, we use Chrome books and I-pads to facilitate computer access, with all classrooms having sets of 6 along with a bank that can be used for whole class sessions.


By the time they leave The Bay primary site, all children will have the computing skills to create content for a variety of scenarios, understand how computers work and know how to keep themselves safe  in relation to the online world. They will know how their computing knowledge links to the wider world and how it might help them as they progress through life, leading to high aspirations on and off the island.


Computing is taught through Purple Mash units linking to the whole school curriculum and learning experiences. Where possible, the units allow children to create content linked to their learning experience.

These are the units planned for the school year 20/21. The computing units are written in red.

Year 1 Who am I?


Coding 1.7

Who is Charles I?


Online safety 1.1

Does everyone’s place to live look the same?


Animated story 1.6

Year 2 What events shaped London?


Presenting ideas 2.8

Animal Art Antics


Online safety 2.2 Creating pictures 2.6

How have humans impacted on habitats?


Spreadsheets 2.3

Year 3 How was the world shaped by the Stone Age?


Coding 3.1

What effects did the Roman invasions have?


Online safety 3.2

Marvellous Mix


Graphing 3.8

Year 4 What does art look like in South America?


Animation 4.6

Could I survive in an extreme environment?


Online safety 4.2

Was Qin Shi Huan an honourable leader?


Coding 4.1

Year 5 Why was Queen Victoria important to the Isle of Wight?


Concept maps 5.7

Who are Mangakas?


Online safety 5.2

What did the Greeks do for us?


Game creator 5.5

Year 6 Who is Edward the Confessor?


Blogging 6.4

How important is the River Nile?


Online safety 6.2

How has art evolved?


Quizzing 6.7

As the children progress through the school, skills are developed through the progression of the units. They will have the opportunity to develop their coding skills every other year. Online safety is discussed throughout the year, but a unit is included each spring term to coincide with Safer Internet Day which takes place in February.


The impact of our computing curriculum will be shown through pupil achievement and pupil enjoyment. Most of their work will be completed and saved on Purple Mash, with examples being put in Learning Experience books. Our pupils will be assessed through teacher assessment, which will be recorded in our learning experience assessment overview document. We believe that good outcomes are measured in how well equipped pupils are to transfer their skills into other topics.

What children say about computing at The Bay;

“I have loved doing computing lessons this term – it has been fun creating new things.”

“I have really enjoyed being able to go home and use purple mash to show my mum what we have been doing in school.”

“I like using the iPads because they are fun and I really enjoyed the virtual escape room challenge as part of internet safety.”

“Sometimes coding can be quite challenging but we can use the teacher’s as an example.”