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MFL at The Bay

At The Bay, we believe that inspiring children to be curious and creative by exploring a modern foreign language,  enhances all areas of the curriculum. Our chosen language is French and we strive to achieve the following vision set out in the National Curriculum:


Through our MFL curriculum, we aim to stimulate pupils’ interest in languages and other cultures by exploring both similarities and differences to the culture and language that they are most familiar with.  We aim to provide creative and practical lessons that equip them with knowledge and skills to progress their learning of key vocabulary and practices.  At the Bay we recognise that language learning is an active process, developed through immersion in contextualised ‘real’ language.


Language learning is a problem solving process. As non-native speakers we encourage our pupils to embrace challenge and recognise that, whilst we may never know ‘all’ of the words/phrases in a foreign language, we can learn to adapt, trial and engage in a foreign language with a focus on communication skills. A foreign language is learned best through the same principles as early native language learning and this is what we develop here at The Bay: hearing, listening, repeating, recognising, matching, reading and writing.

Progression 21-22

Cohort 1: FS/Y1/Y2 (informal use of language through classroom activities such as answering the register, PE and sharing time)

  • All about me, colours, numbers, birthdays and weather

Cohort 2: Y3 and Y4 (Weekly 15 minute slot on the timetable)

  • All about me, colours, numbers, seasons and pets

Cohort 3: Y5 and Y6 (Weekly 15 minute slot on the timetable)

  • All about me, colours, numbers, seasons, pets, clothes and food


Through our MFL lessons, pupils are able to learn key words and phrases which will equip them with solid foundations for language learning at secondary school and beyond. We also encourage them to develop confidence in speaking and listening.

What pupils say about French at The Bay

 “I can now count to ten when I didn’t think I would be able to.”

“I really enjoyed learning and singing the French Christmas song at church.”

“I didn’t realise that I actually eat some French food already, like croissants!”