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Welcome to the Media department

What is media?

Digital technology is transforming the way we make, distribute and consume media products. This course focuses on the study of this in addition to practical development of skills in creating media products from the ‘Audio and Moving Image’ sector, as well as the ‘publishing’ sector. 

K’s creative industries as a whole are now worth over £84 billion per year to the UK economy. Working in the creative media industry involves a wide range of practical processes, skills and techniques – from broadcast media to increasingly interactive products and platforms. As digital technology continues to evolve, media techniques have become more sophisticated and media products are becoming more advanced. However, what has not changed is that media products still have the power to enthral, intrigue and affect audiences.

Phase 3 – Year 10

The first part of term one of year 10 revises over types of audience and purposes with a focus on more advanced theories. Within the second part of the term, students complete their first piece of coursework; Component 1. This requires them to complete a case study of three linked media products, each from a different sector. Students analyse each product, the target audience and its purpose. 

In term 2 and 3 students focus on developing their skills in media through completion of Component 2. This component requires them to reimagine two film posters and a DVD cover for a specific target audience, creating a portfolio of evidence along the way. In preparation for this, students will take part in a number of workshops, these will also be evidence through a portfolio. Students are then required to evaluate their development of skills throughout the project. The final part of this term revised skills in adobe premiere pro in preparation for year 11. 

Phase 3 – Year 11

The first term of year 11 focuses on preparing students for their external coursework; Component 3. This requires students to create a media product in response to a brief. For this project students focus on moving image and need to plan and produce a piece of moving image (scene from a film/TV show, music video or advert) for a specific purpose and target audience. 

In term 2 and 3 students receive their brief and begin completing their pre-production and production work in preparation for 3 x controlled assessment sessions in a computer room. First, students complete 1 hour writing up about their initial response to the brief. Secondly, students complete 1 hour writing up about their development of ideas and completion of the pre-production/production process. Finally, with the material they have created, students have 3 hours under controlled conditions to create their media product. 

Specification: BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production /docs/imported/Media-The-Bay-CE-Secondary-School/BTEC-Level-1-2-Tech-Award-in-Creative-Media-Production-Spec.pdf

Useful Websites: 

Where Media can lead to:

Many students who study BTEC go onto continue their studies through A-level Media Studies, A Level Film Studies or Level 3 BTEC in Creative Media Production at sixth form or college. Many further this with a Drama or Performing Arts Based course at university or training at a Performing Arts School. 

This course goes well with AS and A2 Levels in: 

  • Drama and Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • English Language
  • English Literature 
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

This course allows routes into a range of career pathways including:

  • Sound engineer
  • Actor 
  • Radio Producer
  • Journalist
  • Advertising executive 
  • Film Crew / Camera operator 
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Scriptwriter 
  • Illustrator
  • TV Presenter or researcher
  • Teacher 
  • Games Designer 

Performing Arts Extra Curricular

The learning doesn’t end in the classroom, in Performing Arts we offer a range of extra-curricular activities to support our students progress within our subject areas.We offer a range of clubs in order to allow our students to become part of the school community, working as a team with all other year groups. We also offer a range of off island theatre trips each academic year so that our students can fully understand the success that they can strive towards in their own careers. 

We also work in partnership with the Isle of Wight music hub to offer students peripatetic lessons in a range of instruments – http://www.iowmusichub.org/ 

We regularly update our facebook page with information regarding extra-curricular activities as well as student success, please like and follow our page for more information: 

Clubs on offer:

Winter Production – Students from all year groups audition to be part of the whole school production. They can take a range of roles, from performer or dancer, to set designer, lighting or sound technician, costume, hair and make-up and backstage crew. They rehearse twice a week after school. 

Dance Festival – This is a club lead by Phase 3 students and starting from term 2, we work as an ensemble perform a piece of dance in the Dance festival that takes place at Shanklin Theatre. Rehearsals take place after school. 

Bay Elite – ‘Bay Elite’ is our Dance team. Auditions take place in term 2 and students attend rehearsals once a week to learn a series of routines to perform at various events. Rehearsals take place after school.

Voices of the Bay – ‘Voices of the Bay’ is our choir club who rehearse during lunchtimes twice a week. They practice a range of modern songs to perform at school events as well as other music events outside of the school.

Guitar Club – This club offers students help in developing their skills in playing the guitar. We have 20 fully working guitars that students can practice using. This club meets once a week after school.

Keyboard Club – This club offers students help in developing their skills in playing the keyboard / piano. We have over 20 fully working keyboards that students can practice using as well as a number of pianos. This club meets once a week after school.