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The Bay CE School

Academic Tutoring Day on Wednesday 8th November

For parents and carers:


  • The Academic Tutoring Day on Wednesday 8th November will provide you with an opportunity to discuss with your child’s tutor their progress and attitude to learning in school. It will also be an opportunity to review their personal tutor targets for the year.
  • Appointments are face to face or virtual (depending on what you have booked).
  • During the face to face meeting, your child is expected to attend with you in full school uniform so they are involved in the discussion about their academic progress.


Venues for the face to face appointments in school

Year 7 Lecture Theatre

Year 8 Main Hall

Year 9 Main Hall

Year 10 Language corridor

Year 11 Library

Cove SEND block



For students:


  • Years 7-10 will be learning remotely and all work will be set through Google Classroom.
  • You will access your normal lessons for Wednesday Week A on Google Classroom where your teachers will have set you work to complete. You must complete this work and return it to your teachers.
  • Make sure you can access your google classrooms from home. If you have any problems please make your tutor aware.
  • Please click on the link below for instructions on accessing Google Classroom. If any students cannot access it they should email their Form Tutor or telephone the school.


  • Year 11 students will be in school as normal and you will be following a bespoke plan for the day. You are still expected to attend your appointment time with your tutor.
  • The canteen will be open as normal for students who are in school on the Wednesday.
  • Tutors will be working with students in their tutor groups to set 3 targets before the Academic Tutoring Day.
  • My learning / educational goal
  • My personal and social goal
  • My career and work related goals