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The Bay CE School

Matilda Jnr Production

Students brought Matilda Jnr to life in their outstanding production on 6th and 7th July 2023. The audience were thrilled and delighted by the story of the special little girl with an extraordinary imagination. With fantastic songs, great group dance routines, comedy, and drama, this year’s production had it all.

In the leading role was Mary S as Matilda, giving a brilliant performance of the unloved and underappreciated youngest child of the Wormwood’s. She was supported by Charlotte J who was the embodiment of Miss Honey, Matilda’s loveable teacher; and Ember S shone in her outstanding performance as Miss Trunchball, the school’s mean headmistress who hates children. 

Wow, just wow, an amazing show, loved it, everyone was fabulous.
A thoroughly enjoyable evening with some outstanding performances. Well done to everyone who took part, including those behind the scenes.
Absolutely blown away! What a show... what an incredible cast of truly talented kids!! I wish I could watch it all over again.
My daughter has really enjoyed being a part of Matilda. It has really improved her confidence and she has gained a lot from mixing with children of all year groups and making new friends.

The production was reviewed (click here to read) by Maureen Sullivan for IW Theatre. She said,

Throughout the show, Mary was a perfect Matilda: she joined the ensemble singing but her lovely voice really came into its own in ‘Naughty’, as she plotted those tricks on her father.

Ember was terrifyingly brilliant as Miss Trunchbull, from her boots and mac to her evil eye, to her habit of throwing children across the room by their plaits and threatening to send them to Chokey. I can see why the children were scared of her – I think I was!

I would love to mention each and every one of the wonderful cast of Matilda by name, because they were all fabulous – I also loved ‘When I Grow Up’…in fact I loved the whole show, and as so often, whatever the talents – and there were plenty – in the main cast of characters, it was the ensemble that really made the show.

As well as, of course, the people working backstage: the setting changed frequently…(with) well rehearsed slick changes, the action was fast paced and seamless – well done to all concerned.

 Mrs Creggwood, Head of Performing Arts said,

I would like to thank all of the pupils for their hard work and commitment throughout. It really paid off during the performances; audiences absolutely loved the show! I couldn’t have been more proud watching the pupils perform. We are so lucky to have such talented and dedicated pupils at The Bay.


Matilda Jnr Production