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The Bay CE School

Number Day

We celebrated NSPCC Number Day on Friday 3rd February. In Maths lessons, children were given the opportunity to explore 'maths in the real World'.

Reception classes made their own playdoh, learning how to measure and count. 

Children in Years 1, 2 were given the task of planning and budgeting for a party looking at how many of each item they need and how much it will cost? They got into the party spirit wearing hats and listening to music. 

Years 3 and 4 planned a residential trip. They worked out which activities they could fit into their trip, how long each one would take and how much it would cost. 

Years 5 and 6 had the exciting task of planning a new bedroom, they had a copy of an IKEA catalogue and had to design their room, sticking to budget, and fitting in the room dimensions. 


Miss Jackson, Maths Lead said

Number day is a great way to make Maths fun and bring it into the ‘real world.’  It was wonderful to see all of the children across the school enjoying their tasks whilst learning at the same time. Maths is such a vital skill; at The Bay CE School we really focus on making it enjoyable and fun to keep children engaged.

Children in Year 2 said

We loved planning a party, we got to choose the items that we wanted. I had a bouncy castle!


We had to work out how much it would be, that ‘p’ means it’s pence and not pounds!


 Children in Year 4 said


“I really enjoyed trying to fit the activities into the day and doing the calculation.”


“I liked that we got to work as a team and choose the activities that we both wanted to do. I did get muddled with working out the money but we persevered!”

“I found it really fun to look at all the different activities, it gave me some really good ideas for what I can do in half term.”



Number Day