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The Bay CE School

School Closure (Secondary Site only)

We have received the following information. SSEN are working to fix the power problem however this will be at least 2 hours from now, with a further hour to reboot everything IT wise. Therefore we have made the decision due to the canteen/ food and safety of all of our staff and students to close the school. HOWEVER the following MUST be followed for safeguarding reasons:

- Students will stay with their tutor until 10:00.

- all students should contact their parent / carer by mobile phone and you MUST see or hear confirmation from parents that they have permission to leave

- if students do not have a phone must try and contact a parent via a friend. If no contact has be seen by you must bring them to the hall after dropping the rest at the blue gates

- students must go straight home

- buses have been contacted and will take students home and will return at 10:00am 

- any student that does not have permission must be escorted to the main hall to be supervised 

- students must leave the school site