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The Bay CE School

Science Week

We celebrated Science Week across the primary and secondary sites. Children in Reception enjoyed a walk to Los Altos Park to look for signs of Spring. They saw buds on the trees, catkins, crocus and daffodils. They were able to point them out as signs they might see of spring. Year 1 explored ‘'Fantastic Fingerprints,’ they enjoyed looking at the different patterns including arches, whorls and loops.


Year 2 did a cress challenge, they planted three pots of seeds – they gave one a normal amount of water, one no water and one lots of water. They will observe what happens.


Year 3 became inventors for the day and had the opportunity to design, build and evaluate something which would help solve problems at home such as tidying their rooms. They thoroughly enjoyed making their inventions!


Year 4 had a brilliant time combining British Science Week with their Design Technology project. They investigated connections in electrical circuits and created their own dual bulb series circuit. They then built a model from the book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes and used their circuits to make the eyes glow!


Year 5 explored the fascinating realm of physical and chemical changes that take place during candle combustion. Additionally, they undertook an experiment using differently sized beakers to measure the duration of candle ignition while being deprived of oxygen.


Year 6 were challenged to a food chain activity. The children explored how if part of the food chain disappeared, that it has a cascading, detrimental effect on the animals and the environment. They are currently producing research leaflets that explain how people can protect habitats.


Parents and carers were invited into school for ‘look at my learning’ workshops to see the fabulous display of all the interesting Science experiments and learning that pupils have taken part in during Science Week. 


On the secondary site the Science department ran an Interschools challenge for pupils in Years 5, 6 and 7. Two Year 7 teams from The Bay CE school competed against teams from Year 5 and 6  from The Bay, Broadlea and Gatten and Lake primary schools in a design challenge. In a challenge where pupils learnt about forces, each team went to their ‘pitstop,’ they had to work out a way with their team mates to work out how to slow down a trolly going down a ramp. Each of the teams had a Year 8 Science Ambassador to help them, and make sure they stuck to the rules! The top three teams were:

1st place - Bay CE Primary Team 2

2nd place - Gatten and Lake Primary Team 1

3rd place - Gatten and Lake Primary Team 2



Science Week


Science Week (Secondary)