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Year 6 Trip to London

Trip updates:

Wednesday 7th June

1.30pm - After a good sleep, and another lovely breakfast we have walked down Carnaby Street to China Town. A quick stop off at M&M world we then headed to Trafalgar Square and on to Whitehall. We were greeted by one of the guards for a quick photo and then on to Downing Street. Rishi was busy preparing his PMQ notes so we continued to Parliament Square where we heard plenty of protesters! After that, we headed along Horse Guards and watched some of the changing of the guard ceremony. Up the Mall to Buckingham Palace where the King was also a little busy to pop out and see us although Prince Harry did drive past (he didn’t have to wave though). Lunch in front of the palace and we are now back on the coach and heading home. Children (and adults) have walked a total of 21 miles during the three days! The children have been an absolute credit to the school and parents with their kind manners and organisation. See you all soon!

Tuesday 6th June

7.30pm - Following a delightful pit stop at Mac Donalds, the enthusiastic Year 6 students are now brimming with anticipation as they eagerly await the breathtaking performance of The Lion King at the illustrious Lyceum Theatre.


4.30pm - After indulging in some well-deserved relaxation time at the park, Year 6 embarked on a thrilling adventure to the London Eye, where they marveled at the breathtaking views of London from a staggering height of 135 meters! Now, we have returned to the cozy confines of our hostel, eagerly preparing ourselves for an enchanting evening at the Lyceum Theatre watching Lion King. 


1.30pm - In an exhilarating excursion, Year 6 embarked on a captivating journey along the majestic Thames and leaned some valuable facts about the iconic buildings that line it. They were also immersing themselves in the wonders of the aquatic realm at the Sealife Centre. Mesmerised by the enchanting underwater world, they delved into a treasure trove of fascinating facts, while a select few displayed their daring spirit by gently touching real, living starfish. And now, anticipation mounts as their next destination beckons—the iconic London Eye awaits, promising an awe-inspiring experience like no other!

10.45am - Year 6 have all slept well, had a hearty breakfast and are about to embark on their tour down the River Thames!

Monday 5th June

7.30pm - Year 6 have safely arrived in the vibrant city of London. After a delightful lunch alongside the majestic Tower Bridge, they embarked on an enlightening journey to the renowned HMS Belfast. The adventure continued as they made a memorable stop at the captivating Covent Garden. To add a touch of excitement, they were treated to a dazzling 'emoji explosion' show on Tottenham Court Road. With satisfied appetites, they indulged in delicious pizzas before comfortably settling into their cozy rooms for the night. After a day filled with exploration and walking, we can only hope for a rejuvenating and restful night's sleep!

London Trip