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We are making communication easier, faster and more effective!

We are very excited to be introducing School Gateway to The Bay CE School to replace Pay360. The school gateway is part of School Comms and is a parent engagement app that will allow you to communicate with the school as well as pay for school dinners, trips, uniform and the primary breakfast and after school club. We will also be using the app to offer after school clubs in place of the letters you currently receive.


Pay 360 will stop on 19th July and will be replaced by School Comms. The balances currently held on Pay360 will transfer over to School Comms.


To stay up to date with what is going on at school make sure you download the APP for free. Just search School Gateway in your App store and download.

To ensure that you are able to stay in communication and be able to make payment to the school, parents and carers need to set up a School Gateway account. Please click https://login.schoolgateway.com/0/auth/login to take you through this process.


Please ensure you register on School Gateway as soon as possible.

Your login details will be automatically generated using your email address and mobile telephone number the school already holds for you, so please make sure your details are up to date. You can check and change these details by calling the office on 403284 or emailing office@bayceschool.org.


When you access the portal you will see your child’s name, select your child’s name. This will then show you the main options.

Lunch Money Clubs


School Shop

This will prepare you for our return in September.

If you have any questions or would like some more information, please see the School Gateway website here: https://schoolgateway.co.uk/. Please also see below two useful support guides.