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Starting School (Year 7)

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of our current Year 7 students answer some FAQs about starting secondary school. Click on the question below to view the video. We hope they are helpful. 


Most people starting secondary school are worried about not knowing anyone? What should I do if this is how I feel?

I have heard there is a house system but I don’t know what this is?

I am really worried about getting lost - how will I know where to go?

What do I do at break and lunch?

I really enjoy sports. Are there lots to choose from?

I enjoy reading. Is there a library I can use?

I have heard you get loads of homework at secondary school. Is this true?

Do we get detentions?

At primary school, we are given pens and pencils to use. Is this the same at secondary school?

Am I allowed my phone in school?

Are we allowed to wear trainers?

Can I go to the toilet during lessons?

I am worried about the older children in school . Are they scary?

The teachers

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Information Guide 2023

Click here to view a copy of the Bay CE School Information Guide, which contains lots of useful and practical information about the school.

Starting Year 7 Booklet

Click here to read the Starting Year 7 Booklet 

Uniform and PE kit

Click here to read information about purchasing uniform and PE kit.

Equipment List

Click here to view a copy of the equipment list.

Year 7 Curriculum Overview

Click here to view a copy of the Year 7 Overview