School Objectives


  • To ensure that every student leaves The Bay equipped with a personal and academic skill set that will bring them happiness, success and fulfillment in the future.
  • To continue to raise student progress and attainment to ensure consistently high performance across all subject areas and all groups of learners.
  • To further develop the personal and character development of all students. 
  • To firmly establish The Bay CE School as the high performing, local school of choice.
Objective 1 To rapidly raise the achievement of all students  with a key focus on underperforming student groups (disadvantaged, SEND) and specific subject areas.
Objective 2 Further develop and embed whole school strategies and accountability to raise student attendance from 94.26% (2019-20) to at least in line with national average (94.5%) and to reduce persistent absence  from 15.86% (2019-20) to at least in line with national average (13.9%).
Objective 3 To develop a consistent level of high quality teaching and learning across the school with a specific focus on the four strands of our Teaching and Learning strategy.  Underpinning each strand is effective planning and a strong curriculum model. 

  • Challenge and personalisation (explicitly faceted into medium terms plans, high expectations for all). 
  • Questioning (use to extend students’ thought processes, Use of the Big Question. Create a safe culture of error). 
  • Prior knowledge (knowledge tests, low stake testing, subject specific vocabulary.) 
  • High level communication (verbal and written). 

To prioritise reading  across the school with a focus on ‘reading to learn’ by developing a rigorous and sequential approach to the reading curriculum in order to pupils’ fluency, confidence and enjoyment in reading.

Objective 4 To further develop highly effective systems and strategies that support the needs of all students with a key focus on our most vulnerable students through the continued development of The Bay inclusion and SEND provision in order for all students to access to a variety of platforms that facilitates learning beyond the classroom.
Objective 5 To continue to develop extensive personal and character development of students so that they have access to a wide, rich set of experiences. 

To systematically plan character education for all students.  This includes:

  • The development of LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication)
  • The development of Christian Values
  • The development of a whole school reading strategy 
  • The development of numeracy for life
  • The further development of links with our local community
Objective 6 To continue to develop and build leadership capacity/effectiveness at all levels with a particular focus on Middle Leadership and Governance. 


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