Religious Education (RE) is a statutory part of the curriculum which enables children to investigate and reflect upon some of the most fundamental questions asked by people. As a Church school, we value Religious Education as a means by which people can attempt to make sense of life and explore challenging questions about God and life itself.

At The Bay, we teach R.E. in blocks with a focused R.E. week every half term.  Each year group has a theme which is based around a key concept.  The children investigate the concept around a cycle of enquiry as required by the local Standing Advisory Councils for Religious Education (SACRE) who provides an agreed syllabus for Religious Education.  The children are encouraged to look inwards to their own thoughts and beliefs as well as learning about the religion they are studying.

Each year group studies Christianity and one other major world religion.  Key Stage 1 learns about Judaism as their second religion, Years 3 and 4 Hinduism and Years 5 and 6 studies Islam.  The Christianity units follow the recommended ‘Understanding Christianity’ programme which ensures skills progression between year groups as they develop a coherent understanding of the bigger picture of the Bible.

Children learn to respond to and interpret the concepts, beliefs and practices of the religion they are studying and are encouraged to develop their analytical skills to enable them to evaluate what they have learnt and reflect about the big questions of life.


The following grid shows the themes and concepts for the Spring Term 2020.

Spring 1

Year group

Theme and Concept

Reception Story Telling – Stories Jesus told
Year 1 Gospel – Good News
Year 2 Gospel – Good News
Year3 Gospel – Love
Year 4 People of God – What is it like to follow God?
Year 5 Gospel – What would Jesus do?
Year 6 People of God – Freedom
Spring 2

Year group

Theme and Concept

Reception Salvation – Celebrating New Life
Year 1 Salvation – Celebrating: Why does Easter matter to Christians?
Year 2 Salvation – Why does Easter matter to Christians? (digging deeper)
Year 3 Salvation – Why do Christians call the day Jesus died, Good Friday?
Year 4 Salvation – Why do Christians call the day Jesus died, Good Friday? (Digging deeper)
Year 5 Salvation – What did Jesus do to save human beings?
Year 6 Salvation – What difference does the resurrection make to Christians?


As an inclusive community, we encourage the children to be aware of their responsibilities within a multi-cultural and multi-faith society encouraging tolerance and acceptance of people from all faiths and none.

On 27th January we will be holding a ‘Standing Together for Peace’ Day.   This will be held on Holocaust Memorial Day which marks 75 years since the liberation of the Jewish people in Auschwitz.  The children will discuss what it means to ‘stand together’ and will talk about how living in peace can have a positive impact upon us, our community and the wider world.  There will be discussions around respect, tolerance and our school values and the children will be involved in a variety of exciting peace art projects including making peace poles, windmills, doves, sunflowers, footprints and peace pebbles.

As a church school, we encourage the development of Christian values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.  In R.E. lessons and Collective Worship, children are invited to reflect on their personal responses to big questions and to consider other people’s responses in order to develop a sense of right and wrong, develop their own beliefs and respect those of others in a multi-cultural society.

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