Able, Gifted & Talented

Here at the school we have been identifying and enabling children to achieve their best with excellent classroom provision and enrichment events outside of and within the school for several years. We have liaised with Binstead Primary School in the past and are now working with Newchurch Primary School on a wide range of enrichment events across the curriculum.

We are also hoping to offer a series of in-house master classes next year for French, Drama, Maths & P.E. Teachers are currently identifying the pupils for this academic year using national criteria. Parents  and their children will be contacted early next year. This review takes place annually and of course as children move up into Secondary School this may also change again as they become part of a much larger school.

Why not have a look at the website link: Murderous Maths Report

If you find any useful APPs or Websites that your children finds interesting then please let us know. National Association Gifted Children Website