Our School Science Vision….

Through science in our school we aim to develop positive attitudes to science by delivering the science national curriculum in ways which that are imaginative, purposeful, well controlled and enjoyable. Through doing so we will extend children’s scientific concept of their world and enable them to use the correct vocabulary to describe it. 


The Bay CE School Science Principles:

  1. Science is ‘hands-on’ and investigative. The learning is
    led by what interests the children and they are
    encouraged to be curious and explorative.
  2.  Science learning is linked to real life experiences and
    discovering more about the world in which we live.
  3.  Science lessons include time to discuss and learn new
    vocabulary and children are given the opportunity to
    use and apply the new language learned.
  4.  Science resources are organised and used effectively
    to maximise the learning potential in each lesson.


Science Week – w/c 11th March 2019

Last week was British Science Week, and along with other schools and organisations nationwide, the Bay children took part. The theme of the week was Journeys and in our classes we were encouraged to think about journeys linked to our science topics. We all took part in challenges and investigations throughout the week and were encouraged to use our different enquiry skills such as: researching, pattern seeking, fair testing, observing and identifying and classifying. We are excited to share some of our scientific skills with our parents in our workshops over the next 2 weeks.

















CREST science club:

In our science club children have been working towards achieving their Superstar awards. We have used teamwork and problem solving skills on a number of projects including parachute and bridge making.

“In CREST club, I’ve learnt how to problem solve with others better than I could before. I’ve also enjoyed challenging my brain on challenges every week.” Oliver (year 6)

“My favourite thing I have learnt is making parachutes and bridges and also working as a team.” Grace (year 5)

“Science club is so fun and my favourite is learning new things and using teamwork to solve problems.” Callum (year 5)



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