School Objectives

Whole School Objectives 2019-20 (Secondary)
  1. To rapidly raise the achievement of all students with a key focus on underperforming student groups (disadvantaged, SEND, in year admissions) and subject areas.
  2. Further develop and embed whole school strategies and accountability to raise student attendance from 93.8% (2018-19) to at least in line with national average (94.5%) and to reduce persistent absence from 16% (2018-19) to at least in line with national average (13.9%).
  3. To develop a consistent level of high quality teaching and learning across the school with a specific focus on planning for:Curriculum development (offering an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum that is sequenced towards the cumulative acquisition of knowledge of learning for future learning and employment).
    Feedback (fit for purpose, constructive and developed in order to embed and use knowledge fluently and to inform teaching and allow students to have clarity on what they are doing well and how to improve).
    Positive outcomes against high outcomes
  4. To develop highly effective systems and strategies that support the needs of all students with a key focus on our most vulnerable students through the development of The Bay inclusion and SEND provision in order for all students to access a variety of platforms that facilitates learning beyond the classroom.
  5. To develop extensive personal and character development of students so that they have access to a wide, rich set of experiences. To systematically plan character education for all students. This includes:The development of LORIC (Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative, Communication)
    The development of Christian Values
    The development of a whole school reading strategy
    The development of numeracy for life
    The further development of links with our local community
  6. Further develop and build leadership capacity/effectiveness at all levels with a particular focus on Middle Leadership and Governance.


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