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PSHE Personal, Social and Health Education / RSE – Relationships and Sex Education                                                                                                             

The personal and social development of our students is very important to us at The Bay CE School. We challenge every student to strive for the highest standards, not only academically, but also in their personal and social development.

In our Personal, Social, Health Education lesson, our students are provided with many opportunities to develop essential skills, knowledge and understanding, and to address attitudes and values, all of which are necessary to help students make sense of their life experiences and feel confident and informed now and in the future.  

This programme includes Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education.

Our objectives are such that each student is encouraged:

  • To develop self-esteem, confidence, independence and responsibility and to make the most of their abilities;
  • To play an active role as future citizens and members of society;
  • To develop a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves and others safe;
  • To develop effective and fulfilling relationships and learn to respect the difference between people.

All students follow a course in PSHE delivered by teaching staff and specialists and there are many other opportunities where students are able to develop and practise their personal and social skills. These include:

  • Informal times – before and after school, breaks and lunchtimes
  • During assemblies;
  • Being aware of the decision making processes through Student Voice;
  • Curriculum Enrichment opportunities, theme days, outside speakers;
  • Student Leadership, House reps and Captains, helping on reception duty;
  • Extra-curricular activities like the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and sports clubs.

We are committed to Personal, Social, Health Education because we know that the way students feel about themselves can have a significant impact upon their achievement, and by engaging our students in learning vital life skills we will equip them for their future away from The Bay CE School. 

Click here to view some example lessons.

PSHE Programme and Parental Consultation regarding RSE – March 2022

The teaching of RSE and health education in secondary schools officially became compulsory from September 2020. Whilst we, alongside all schools, have been teaching this for many years, we do have the freedom to deliver the content within the context of our own school. 

For this reason, I want to take this opportunity, prior to the summer term, to share some key features of this important part of the curriculum and promote opportunities for parental consultation to ensure the curriculum is appropriate for our children.

Please click here to complete an online survey, Please note

  • The survey asks for thoughts and feedback to this essential part of every child’s education. 
  • The link will remain live for a two week period until Friday 25th March. 
  • Within this period if you have any questions you wish to ask Miss Feltham, our leader of PSHE/ RSE, please contact her directly via
  • Thursday March 24th presents an opportunity for parents to attend a Question and Answer session at the Bay Secondary site 5-5.30pm. All parents are welcome to attend for further questions and information about any aspect of the RSE provision and resources.

Click here to view more information about the RSE Consultation, including a copy of the Draft Policy, Example lessons, Resources for parents and carers and a spreadsheet to show what is covered to each year group.

Current PSHE/RSE Programme for each Year Group


Year 7:
Term 1

Living in the wider world

Term 2

Living in the wider world

Term 3

Health and well being

Your values

Values, faith beliefs and human rights including rights of the child

Your community

What makes a community?

Multiculturalism, diversity

Voluntary groups and organisations

Healthy Lifestyle

How are we? Healthy aspects such as eating and exercise.

Term 4

Health and well being

Term 5


Term 6


Substance facts

Identifying illegal drugs

Energy Drinks


Growing up 


Personal hygiene

Positive relationships

Positive and negative relationships

Bullying and peer pressure


Year 8 
Term 1

Living in the wider world

Term 2

Living in the wider world

Term 3

Health and well being

Work and enterprise

Learning styles

Types of work and labour market

The benefits of being ambitious and enterprising

The skills required in enterprise

The importance of protecting their reputation

Being an individual in a community

Who are we – how do we describe ourselves?

Gender identity and how to support loved ones who choose to identify differently.

Racial and cultural identity.

Mental and emotional health

Mental health

Developing resilience

How to manage our feelings

How can we look after our emotional wellbeing?

Cancer and cancer prevention, including healthy lifestyles and testicular self-examination, acknowledging that childhood and adolescent cancers are rarely caused by lifestyle choices.

Term 4

Health and well being

Term 5


Term 6


Illegal substances

Illegal drugs, including classifications and laws

Case study about cannabis and whether it should be legalised.

Medical support if someone has taken drugs.

How to say no or manage a situation where you are offered drugs.

Readiness for sex

Choices around sex



Types of relationships

Healthy and unhealthy relationships

Communicating with others about relationships

Marriages and commitment

Year 9
Term 1

Living in the wider world

Term 2

Living in the wider world

Term 3

Health and well being


The value of things

Saving and budgeting

Gambling and borrowing


Communities and jobs

Hate Crimes


The pressure to go into a particular sector

Different types of work

The laws relating to getting a job

Our health, our choices

Body Image

Eating disorders and extreme eating

STI’s – Putting on condoms and having challenging conversations

Term 4

Health and well being

Term 5


Term 6


The impact of addition and drug misuse


Over the counter drugs

Illegal drugs (psychoactive substances and nitrous oxide)


Sexual health

Media and unrealistic expectations

Pornography and sharing images

Conception, pregnancy and birth

Negative groups or relationships

Transphobia, Homophobia and  Biphobia 

Abusive relationships


Knife Crime

Year 10 
Term 1

Living in the wider world

Term 2

Living in the wider world

Term 3

Health and well being


Equality act/hate crime and intolerance

Challenging discrimination

Extremism and cult recognition



Debit and credit ratings

Responsible and ethical consumerism

Money stresses and pressures

Mental health

Facts and perception of mental health

Safeguarding mental health

Dealing with stress/anxiety

Term 4

Health and well being

Term 5


Term 6


Substance misuse


Consequences of substance misuse;

second hand smoking,

on your health and managing the risks (checking yourself for cancer)

Relationship qualities

Positive relationship qualities including the positives of marriage

Exploitive relationships (control, manipulation, bullying and domestic abuse, forced marriages, rape)

Support available

Sex in today’s society

Sex myths, unrealistic imagery and gender double standards

Assessing readiness for sex (contraception and consent reminders)

Handling unwanted attention and ending relationships

Year 11
Term 1

Living in the wider world

Term 2

Health and well being

Term 3


Employability skillsSkills and qualities employers wants

Business structures

Rights and responsibilities at work

Health risksCosmetic procedures (tattoos, tanning lamps and piercings)

Substance use on future plans including job opportunities

The impact of lifestyle choices (such as the developing foetus, STIs)

Having ChildrenParenting including teenage pregnancy

Fertility Treatments

Adoption and Fostering

Prochoice and Prolife

Term 4

The programme will stop for the final term, in order to focus on revision and consolidation

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