Welcome to the Art department Studying Art at any level should be a time of creative enlightenment, a time for students to really discover their potential, but also how to express their own interpretation of the world around them.   Teachers Mrs S Cox - Head of Art Mr P Watkins - Teacher of Art...

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Business Studies

Welcome to the Business Studies department GCSE Business Studies is currently taught to Year 11 students only. Students study the OCR Specification which is 100% examination.  Teachers Ms D Garey Year 11 - Topics to be completed    Term 1 Term 2 Autumn Finance topics - profit, loss, break even, cash flow forecasts, profitability ratios,...

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Welcome to the Careers department Homework Homework coming soon Curriculum Curriculum coming soon Staff

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Child Development

Welcome to the Child Development department   Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Award in Children’s Play, Learning and Development  In Year 9, students can choose to study a BTEC course of Child Development.  Over the duration of the course, students not only develop excellent knowledge and understanding of how children develop and what adults can...

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Computer Science

Welcome to the Computer Science department Teachers Ms  Garey Mr A Muzhona   With our children surrounded by the ever changing and fast paced world of technology, this subject is playing a more important role than ever before. We want our students to understand and play an active role in the digital world that surrounds...

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Welcome to the Dance department Dance - Phase 2 (Years 7 and 8) The Phase 2 in Dance curriculum focuses on four strands: developing, exploring, performing and evaluating. Through the study of one lesson per fortnight of each subject, our students create one performance per term, developing their knowledge of a range of performance styles...

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Welcome to the Drama department Phase 2 (Years 7 and 8):  The Phase 2 in Drama curriculum focuses on four strands: developing, exploring, performing and evaluating. Through the study of one lesson per fortnight of each subject, our students create one performance per term, developing their knowledge of a range of performance styles and repertoire....

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Welcome to the English department In the English Department at The Bay CE School, we aim to make each student’s experience a diverse, interesting and highly enjoyable one. English is vital as our tool of communication, making it crucial that each student is able to read, write and speak with fluency and competence. We also...

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Welcome to the Geography department Why would people want to live near a volcano? Why do some people choose to live in different countries? What will happen to our planet if temperatures continue to rise? Geography is a focus within the curriculum for understanding and resolving issues about the environment and sustainable development. It is...

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Heath and Social Care

Welcome to the Heath and Social Care department   Edexcel - Pearson BTEC Level 1 / Level 2 Tech Award in Health & Social Care 603/0395/5   Teachers Mrs M Shannon - Course Leader   Year 9 (Phase 3) Health and Social Care In Year 9 students will study component 1 which is based on...

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Welcome to the History department   In History we ask questions, explore sources and evidence and arrive at an interpretation. We then use our best writing skills to sharpen our answers. This will lead to even more questions and a new enquiry gets underway… The History department believes that the knowledge and understanding of historical...

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Welcome to the Languages department   FrenchSpanishFrench The MFL department comprises three subject specialists including one native Spanish speaker. We offer both French and Spanish to GCSE.  Teachers Madam Balch - Head of Languages  Senior Shane - Teacher of Spanish Senior Navarro - Teacher of Spanish  Phase 2 (Years 7 and 8) Our Phase 2...

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Welcome to the Maths department The Maths department seeks to achieve high standards in the teaching and learning of mathematics, bringing the best out of all our students, irrespective of their ability and giving them the confidence to use the mathematical skills that they have acquired. Our curriculum links maths to real life, encouraging students...

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Welcome to the Media department   What is media?  Digital technology is transforming the way we make, distribute and consume media products. This course focuses on the study of this in addition to practical development of skills in creating media products from the ‘Audio and Moving Image’ sector, as well as the ‘publishing’ sector.  The...

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Welcome to the Music department Phase 2 (Years 7, 8 and 9) Year 7 – Phase 2 In year 7 students are introduced to music notation and begin to develop their understanding of various notation systems and symbols, they learn note positions in relation to both treble and bass clef. The understanding of notation is...

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Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts department Phase 3 (Years 9, 10 and 11) Phase 3- Year 9 At phase 3 students can choose to opt to study the BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts. The first year (year 9) is wholly focussed on skills building in preparation for completion of coursework in year 10 and...

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Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education department As a Physical Education Department, our role is to contribute to the overall education of young people by helping them lead full, valuable, safe and healthy lives. Our aim is to develop all students physically, morally and socially through physical activity and sport and provide future pathways for participation...

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Welcome to the PSCHEE department The personal and social development of our students is very important to us at The Bay CE School. We challenge every student to strive for the highest standards, not only academically, but also in their personal and social development.   Teachers Ms B Feltham - Head of Humanities Mr G...

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Welcome to the Psychology department   GCSE Psychology - AQA Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour. If you are fascinated by people, and the way the mind works, this course will inspire you to question everything you experience. Psychology may satisfy your scientific and enquiring mind, leading you to apply your knowledge...

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Religious Education

Welcome to the Religious Education department   Teachers Ms B Feltham - Head of Humanities Mr J Navarro Mr I Vickers Mr T Westby Mr M Whittington   Religious Education at The Bay CE School is not just about learning about religions. This subject is all about learning about yourself, giving you the opportunity to...

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Welcome to the Science department Teachers Dr C King - Head of Science Mr L Lockey - Deputy Head of Science Mr D Baxter - Science Teacher Mr D Coughlin - Science Teacher Ms S Jones - Science Teacher Mr A Lyon - Science Teacher Mrs C Manning - Science Teacher Mr M Muzhona -...

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Welcome to the Sociology department AQA GCSE Sociology  GCSE Sociology is currently only studied by students in Year 11. Sociology provides students with the opportunity to study the sociology of families, education, crime and deviance and social stratification. Students will develop their understanding of complex social structures, empirical investigation and constructing balanced arguments, as well...

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Welcome to the Technology department Design and Technology and Food and Nutrition Year 7 (Phase 2) Design and Technology and Food and Nutrition Students in Year 7 rotate around the four disciplines of Resistant Materials, Textiles, Graphics and Food and Nutrition.  Students focus on Health and Safety, developing contextual challenges and detailed design specifications, using...

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