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Ms B Feltham – Head of Humanities
Mr J Navarro
Mr I Vickers
Mr T Westby
Mr M Whittington


Religious Education at The Bay CE School is not just about learning about religions. This subject is all about learning about yourself, giving you the opportunity to explore your own views, opinions and beliefs. It involves a lot of oral work with lots of debates and discussions surrounding your views and the reasons you have for these ideas. We will challenge stereotypes found in our society and beyond, explore different cultural views as well as religious belief systems and make comparisons between our beliefs and those that are important to others. We will cover a range of topics, not all will be based on a single religion or faith, while developing the five core skills in RE through enquiry based learning. You will be challenged to not only explain but to evaluate, demonstrating an understanding of a range of views in detail and having the ability to then weigh these up and come to your own conclusions which you are able to back up with evidence.

All students will do Core RE in every year group. On top of this students can also opt to do GCSE RE in Years 9, 10 and 11. 

Core RE

Phase 2 (Years 7 and 8) 


Year 7 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Introduction to RE.

The cycles of enquiry will be; Truth, Commitment and Hope.

Spring Buddhism

The cycles of enquiry will be; Dukkha, Nirvana and Sangha.

Summer Christianity

The cycles of enquiry will be; Agape, God and Church


Year 8 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Judaism

The cycles of enquiry will be; Torah, Tradition and Remembrance.

Spring The World

The cycles of enquiry will be; Care, Serve, Protect.

Summer Christianity

The cycles of enquiry will be; Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Atonement.


Phase 3 (Years 9, 10 and 11) 


Year 9 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Islam

The cycles of enquiry will be; Islam, Ummah and Jihad

Spring/Summer Inspirational people

The cycles of enquiry will be; Peace, Freedom and Discrimination.

Year 10 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Humanism

The cycles of enquiry will be; Rationalism, Responsibility and Value of Life.



Philosophy of religion
The cycle of enquiry will be Existence.
Year 11 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Buddhist Ethics

The cycles of enquiry will be; Karuna, Sila and Karma.

Spring Christian Ethics

The cycles of enquiry will be; Stewardship and Sacrifice.


GCSE Option Religious Studies

Year 9 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Christian beliefs and teachings
Spring Buddhist beliefs and teachings
Summer Theme D: War, Peace and Conflict.


Year 10 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Theme D: War, Peace and Conflict.
Spring Buddhist practices
Summer Theme A: Relationships and Families


Year 11 Topics
  Term 1 Term 2
Autumn Key Christian and Buddhism teachings and practices review. Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict.

Theme E: Crime and Punishment

Spring Theme F: Human rights and social justice. Religious beliefs, teachings and practices revision (Paper 1).
Summer Will have approximately 3 lessons prior to the exam. All are reserved for revision chosen by students nearer the time. N/A Examinations are both in May.


Support available 
Websites The school has set up a google classroom for students to use.

Pixl and GCSE pod can only be used for Christianity (25% of the course).

Intervention Additional lessons are on Wednesdays every week. These are lessons where new content will be covered and walking talking mocks will be conducted. Attendance is expected by all students.


How parents can support 
Homework Students have a short activity (no longer than 12 minutes) to complete every week day from September to the date of the examination. They had paper copies and also available on the google classroom.

Every two weeks they are also getting a home study pack to complete.

Reading Revision guides for all 8 units provided to them for reading.
Revision Guide AQA  GCSE Religious Studies A (9-1) Christianity and Buddhism revision guide. (Oxford University Press).

All students were given one of these free at the start of the year.

Exam Practice Those daily activities are all exam questions.

Walking talking mocks are embedded into lessons.

Resources Revision guides – both those made in house and the one created by the examination board.


Career Opportunities

Religious Studies encourages a number of skills which are useful in many fields, developing particularly the following skills:

  • clear and logical thinking
  • research skills
  • planning and organising
  • evaluation of ideas
  • applying abstract ideas to the world
  • an ability to empathise and understand conflict
  • problem-solving skills
  • understanding of the impact of conflicting ideologies
  • an appreciation of human diversity, different belief structures, social, cultural and spiritual experiences

These skills are particularly useful for future careers in law, education, social work, politics, medicine, administration, the civil service, public services such as nursing or the police, or the media.



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