Secondary Houses

A system has been introduced across the whole school in order to achieve and embed the following principles:

  • To involve all students in the House community in a wide range of positive, enrichment activities which allows them to develop their confidence and self esteem.
  • To build a community within each House
  • To build healthy competition and a sense of pride in the House
  • To further develop the students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and awareness
  • To provide opportunities for students to learn from other year groups and their experiences
  • To provide role models for the younger students
  • To develop leadership opportunities throughout the school

All of the above related directly to improvements in student progress and Achievement. 

There are four Houses: 

Blue, Green, Red and Yellow


The House system will give all students the opportunity to participate in House celebration assemblies, charity events, mentoring programmes, enrichment activities and competitions. House points will be awarded in a range of ways such as good attendance, citizenship, participation in extra-curricular activities, representation in sports teams and tournaments or other school events.

Assigning students to Houses

During the summer term, The Bay CE School Induction Team visits our primary schools in order to gather as much information as possible to aid a smooth and successful transition. Students are placed into a tutor group and will also be placed into a House. As far as possible, we aim to place siblings in the same House but this cannot always be guaranteed.

Blue House 

House Leader – Mr Bricknell

Role within the school – PE Teacher

House ethos – “If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles”

House charity – The Wight Brainy Bunch

House Captains – To be confirmed

Blue House Community Day – Friday 14th October – raising money for The Wight Brainy Bunch.

Events I am most looking forward to on the Inter House Calendar – Inter house Rowing, Inter House Fishing and I’m a house leader ‘Get me out of Here’

What the house system means to Mr Bricknell – I joined the school and Blue House as a pupil in 2003. I was a quiet, unconfident young boy with a passion for sport. With the help of our prestigious house system I reached my dream of becoming a PE teacher and now I’m a proud head of Blue House inspiring others to reach their dreams just like me.

Green House 

House leader: Mr J Wainwright

Role within the school: Geography Teacher

House ethos : Seize the day and get involved!

House charity : TBC

House Captains – Henry Robinson, Katelyn Phillips, James Ashley

Green House Community Day : Friday the 6th of December. Raising money for the house charity and raising awareness of environmental issues as well as the famous Inter-house rowing competition.

Events I am most looking forward to on the Inter House Calendar – Crashmat rounders

What the house system means to Mr Wainwright: I want all students to get involved in activities they love and have a go at ones they haven’t tried before. Looking back on school students should be able to say, ‘Yes, I made the most of my time!’

Red House

House leader: Mr J Alabaster 

Role within the school: Performing Arts Teacher / Year Manager 

House ethos ‘Winning is something, but participation is everything’

House charity: Comic Relief 

House Captains – To be confirmed

Events I am most looking forward to on the Inter House Calendar: Inter House Cross Country, Inter House Rounders and Inter House Performing Arts 

Red House Community Day: Friday 26th March – Mufti day, Cake and Shake sale as well as lunch time entertainment provided by the winner of Inter House Performing Arts! 

What the house system means to Mr Alabaster: As an ex student, the house system was a vital part of my school life when I attended Sandown High School. The house system provided exciting opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities as well as being about to mix and form friendships with all year groups. I am now proud to lead Red House and continue to offer students fantastic opportunities to enrich their school life. 

Yellow House 

House Leader –  Ms S Gentleman

Role within the school –  Inclusion

House Ethos – “Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

House Charities –  Mountbatten and Kissy Puppy

House Captains – To be confirmed

Yellow House Community Day – Friday 9th July 2021 – Yellow House Walk (open to all Students and Staff), Mufti day and Cake and Shake Sale

Events I am most looking forward to on the Inter House Calendar – Inter House Crash Mat Rounders, Inter House Basketball and Inter House Bake Off

House Charities

Students in each House choose a charity to fundraise for at the start of the academic year. All of the Houses were incredibly successful in their fundraising efforts last year. 

Students in Blue House chose to fundraise for The Wight Brainy Bunch. The Blue House student council worked tirelessly to plan the community day. There was a mufti-day, mince pie bake off and sale, a huge raffle and ‘Challenge Santa’ sports events. The day ended with over 100 students and staff taking part in Blue House Quiz. A total of was £1513.66 was raised. 

Green House Community Day raised £664.27 for Rugby Against Cancer. The Green House Council organised a mufti-day, sports activities at lunch time and a raffle. Green House are incredibly grateful to businesses in the local community who donated raffle prizes. Click here to read more about Green House Community Day 2019. 

Red House Community Day raised £759.65 for British Heart Foundation and Rock Challenge. The mufti-day and ‘Cake and Shake’ sale was a huge success. Students had a fantastic time at the Inter House Bake off competition baking cakes for the sale. Click here to read more about Red House Community Day 2019. 

Yellow House Community Day raised £3000 for Mountbatten and KissyPuppy. Over 100 students took part in the sponsored walk, 40 students left school at 6.30am for the 25 mile walk, another 70 students joined them at Carisbrooke Castle to walk 10 miles back to school. Students and staff had a fantastic time, the weather was beautiful and everyone supported each other to get to the end. Click here to read more about Yellow House Community Day 2019. 



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