Cashless Payments

We are pleased to announce that the online cashless system in place to pay for school meals, trips and events is now live. Letters have been posted home which contain your unique ‘Invitation Code’ and ‘Registration Phrase’.

In order for parents/carers to make use of this secure e-payment system we have put together a short user guide which can be found below and is also noted in the letter. Please note that the ‘Invitation Code’ and ‘Registration Phrase’ are unique to you.

Using the SIMS Agora system will ensure that safe and secure payments can be made direct to the school, reducing the need for students to carry money or for cheques to be written. Your account can be set up using a few easy to follow steps either by using a smartphone, PC or tablet.


SIMS Agora: A Short Guide to Setting up an Account.

To access SIMS Agora you will need an account with one of our supported identity providers: Microsoft, Office 365, Google, Facebook or Twitter.

(It’s likely you already have an account with one of these providers but don’t worry if you haven’t, Microsoft and Google accounts are free and easy to create; You can create a Microsoft Account at: or you can create a Google Account at:

1)    Type the following link into your tablet, PC or smartphone web-browser:

2)    Choose the identity provider you want to use to access SIMS Agora (e.g. Microsoft/Facebook etc.)

3)    Enter the Invitation Code and Registration Phrase