Secondary Student Ambassadors

Within the Secondary School site, ‘student voice’ is represented by the following groups:

Student Council: A group of students who are self selected by interest from all year groups. Several of these students are also House or Form representatives. Year 11 student leaders also attend.

Purpose – To discuss and decide key objectives for the academic year (whole school ideas – radio for canteen, make the site more student friendly, support Christmas Fair etc. The Student Council meet on a Tuesday (Week A) lunchtime in the Careers Office.

Student Leadership Team: A group of students consisting of Year 11 students appointed by the Year Manager and Senior Leadership Team.

Purpose – To act as ambassadors and represent the school during events. To be role models for younger year groups. To meet with the Senior Leadership Team regularly.

House Captains and Representatives: Students from Tutor Groups across all year groups who represent their house during events, assist in fundraising activities and meet regularly with the House Leader.

Purpose – To encourage and support students to participate in House events throughout the year. They meet with the House Leader during Week B.